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Maintenance Of The Mixer Drum


When the engine reaches the highest speed, the mixer drum rotating speed should be lower than 15rpm. Otherwise, the drum body and the mixing blades will be premature worn down. During working, the rotating speed of the drum should be adjusted by the operation system. During unloading, the rotating speed of the drum also should be adjusted higher than 10rpm to ensure the quality of the mixing material. There is a round nut on the drum roller which is used for setting and adjusting the slack of the bearings.

Mixing blades are easier worn down so that they should be checked every year and preventive repaired every two years.

No leaking allowed between the mixing material feeding port and the drum. The slack between the feeding port and the drum should be less than 5mm. If leaking occurs, repair it depending on the different mixer truck models. For example, for some models, just replace the wide rubber strap. And for some models, repair it by welding the thin steel plate with the size larger than a half circle.