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Mixer Truck Parts


When we talked about the mixer trucks, do you know their parts?

The mixer truck mainly includes the parts as reducer, hydraulic oil pump, hydraulic motor, feeding port, unloading port, operating lever, axis of rotation, blades, radiator, chutes, ladder, drum rollers, ect.

The working principle of the mixer truck is taking off the power from the truck’s chassis by the power takeoff and driving the hydraulic oil pump in the mixer truck’s hydraulic system to transfer the hydraulic engine transformed from the mechanical engine to the hydraulic motor, and then the hydraulic motor can drive the reducer so that it can drive the mixing system to mix the concrete.

Blades are the key components in the mixing device. The destroyed or worn down blades will cause the concrete mixed unequally. When feeding the material and transporting, the mixer drum rotates in forward direction, and the concrete is moving towards inside of the blades. When unloading the material, the drum rotates in reversal direction, and the concrete is unloaded towards outside of the blades. If the design of the blades’ angles is unreasonable, it will cause the isolation of the mixing concrete.

Mixing drum is the container of the concrete. When the drum rotates, mixing concrete moves along the hand of spiral of the blades and is mixed during the lifting and stirring.

Mixing device is composed by mixing drum and its assisting supporting components.

The mixer truck parts and the structure are varies from the different mixing volumes, manufactures and the chassis. But the working principles are the same.