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Truck Mixer Extension Chutes


The extension chutes are different from the chutes fixed on the truck.They can be disassembled from the truck and are normally put on the sides of the truck. When the truck cannot get close to the construction site, the extension chutes can be used to connect with main chute so that the concrete can be discharged from the mixer drum to the construction site directly. Not only connect with the main chute,the extension chutes also can connect with themselves. For example, when the construction site is inside of the house and the truck only can stop outside of the house, we can use several extension chutes connected with each other to make it as long as it can extend to the inside of the house.

Because the extension chutes should connect with the main chute and themselves, the measurement and shape are very important. Firstly, the U channel of the extension chute and the main chute should be the same. The ears and L-bars should be symmetry. So when the chutes connect with each other, the concrete can be discharged freely without leaking.Secondly, the material and the weight of the extension chute are different from the main chute. With the lighter extension chutes,firstly the worker can assemble and disassemble it easily, secondly it can reduce the weight of the truck load, thirdly it can reduce the endurance of the main chutes when several extension chutes are used. So the material of the extension chute normally are steel, aluminium, polymer,ect.

Finally, after the discharge of the concrete, all the chutes used should be cleaned to avoid any residual concrete on the chutes.