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  • The Fitting Between Fold Over And Extension Chute

    The Fitting Between Fold Over And Extension Chute


    The material for the extension chute should be with good wear resistance and easy for welding. Meanwhile, the weight of the extension chute cannot be too heavy for it's not convenient for the worker to operate. So, besides the steel extension chute, there are also aluminium extension chute and plastic with steel frame extension chute. The positions of the two hooks should be coincident. And the ex...

  • How Does The Mixer Truck Work

    How Does The Mixer Truck Work


    When we talked about the mixer trucks, do you know their parts? The mixer truck mainly includes the parts as reducer, hydraulic oil pump, hydraulic motor, feeding port, unloading port, operating lever, axis of rotation, blades, radiator, chutes, ladder, drum rollers, ect. The working principle of the mixer truck is taking off the power from the truck’s chassis by the power takeoff and driving the ...

  • Maintenance Of The Mixer Drum

    Maintenance Of The Mixer Drum


    When the engine reaches the highest speed, the mixer drum rotating speed should be lower than 15rpm. Otherwise, the drum body and the mixing blades will be premature worn down. During working, the rotating speed of the drum should be adjusted by the operation system. During unloading, the rotating speed of the drum also should be adjusted higher than 10rpm to ensure the quality of the mixing mater...

  • Truck Mixer Extension Chutes

    Truck Mixer Extension Chutes


    The extension chutes are different from the chutes fixed on the truck.They can be disassembled from the truck and are normally put on the sides of the truck. When the truck cannot get close to the construction site, the extension chutes can be used to connect with main chute so that the concrete can be discharged from the mixer drum to the construction site directly. Not only connect with the main...

  • The Spun Drum Head

    The Spun Drum Head


    The blank plate and the mandrel spin together, fed and forced by the roller, so that the blank plate can cling to the mandrel and be local deformed point by point. This is the stamping and forming method. Fix the blank plate on the mould of the spinning machine. The blank plate spins following the machine tool spindle, in the meanwhile, forced by the spinning roller or stick so that it can have th...

  • Why The Structural Malfunction Of The Drum Rollers Happens Frequently?

    Why The Structural Malfunction Of The Drum Rollers Happens Frequently?


    1. Operation under overload. After calculating, a full loaded 12m3 mixer truck’s back supports are bearing the force of 1.32x105N, which means the each drum roller is bearing the force of 7.6x104N. If the truck starts working suddenly, the mixer drum will force the drum roller more than 7.6x104N at that moment. So the drum rollers are working under the overloading condition frequently. 2. Influenc...

  • The Structure And The Advantage Of The New Style Drum Track

    The Structure And The Advantage Of The New Style Drum Track


    The traditional drum track is with solid structure. It is very heavy, weighting about 250kgs. And it will be bigger when the mixer drum capacity is larger. Because the track with solid structure is lack of the deformability, the welded track onto the drum often snaps when using for some time. If only reducing the sectional dimension of the track ring to reduce its weight, the rigidity of the track...

  • How To Choose The Hydraulic Pump Drive Shafts

    How To Choose The Hydraulic Pump Drive Shafts


    There are so many factories for hydraulic pump drive shaft. Some of them are only small workshops that they machine by themselves. So the quality of the pump drive shafts and shafting hangers from different factories are far different. How to choose the good quality mixer truck propeller shafts? The best way is to choose the the shafts made from medium carbon steel material. The reasons are as fol...

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